myMatrixTV Ultimate Streaming Media Device

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Metal Casing – No Plastic! – Worlds Best Media Streaming Device at the Best Price Guaranteed!

Buy Now and Understand Why Our Customers refer to us as the “Best Streaming Media Player” over and over again!

CAD $264.99

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The reasons are endless why myMatrixTV provides the BEST Streaming Media Device sold in North America and here are just few of them:

  • You Never Need to Buy Another Box! – We provide you with OTA Updates so you will never ever need to buy another streaming media player.  You should NEVER buy a box without one!
  • Most Durable Hardware!Metal Casing – Not Plastic! – Most all other streaming internet players will be made of plastic and therefore last only a short life span when compared to media streaming devices made with Metal Casings. This allows for Low Heat and Longest Life Expectancy! 1 Year Warranty Included
  • BEST Customer Support! – You are Never Alone! We provide all our customers with a 24/7 Support System whereby you are Guaranteed to get a quick reply to resolve any issue! You can also view our How to Guides and How to Videos anytime to help resolve your issue.


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What Our Customers are Saying:

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If you are looking for the best way to watch your favorite shows anytime at no cost, then all you need is a streaming media player. With this device you will have access to a limitless number of TV shows and movies. The only thing you require is an internet connection.


It is an excellent platform to access entertainment because it provides High Definition quality movies and TV shows, live streaming of events including sports, access to all sorts of content including the latest movies that are still in theaters. Another plus you will give this device is the fact that you can download apps from Google Play.


The best part about all this is that all the entertainment you gain access to is absolutely free. In my opinion, I have tried so many others, but myMatrixTV is the best streaming device on the market today! This streaming internet player is the best quality and best price since others cost over $300! The only downfall now is that this box has taken my entertainment needs to a whole new dimension that has my eyes constantly glued to the screen every day.  – Jon B. Vancouver, Canada


myMatrix TV is undoubtedly the best streaming media player using Kodi. It is safe and legal and can be bought online. myMatrix TV box comes with a ‘one year’ warranty. It is very simple in its usage and it converts a normal HD TV into a smart television set. It provides unlimited amounts of entertainment because large number of movies and TV shows can be watched. Sport events can be watched and live streaming of sport events can also be done.


Not only this, you tube videos can be watched on the television set with ease. The TV box is extremely fast because it uses an extremely fast quad processor and the box does not heat up much. It works best with a good internet connection. The great customer service makes it the best streaming device I have ever used or even heard of in the market.  – Omar D. New York, USA


Media streaming devices like the Android TV Box have really become a hit in the world today. As someone who is mad about technology, computers, mobile phones, games I must say a few words about this amazing product. I’m a little bit of a fanatic of watching high quality movies. So you can understand why I like to own devices that work well and where the enjoyment of watching movies is brought to perfection. This is the case here.


I don’t want to make an overstatement, but for me this is really the best streaming media player quad core TV box! You can get unlimited movies, TV shows, live sports and all of that in high definition! More good news is that you don’t have to pay any monthly fee and you don’t have to sign any contract. You just need to have a high speed internet connection and high definition TV.

So I suggest you, if you really want to enjoy watching movies, sports and listening to music, order this product today! You will not find a better streaming media player anywhere.  – Victoria S. California





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